Session Recording

Session Recording

See what your users see with session recording.
Session Recording

Watch this feature in action.

See what your users see with session recording.

Watch how people engage with your site – user clicks, scrolling, mouse movements, and keystrokes are all recorded in a video.

Identify roadblocks on the way to purchase, see the intent behind clicks, and get insights on how to improve user experience.

Map the full user journey
Watch users in-the-wild
Compare user cohorts
Spot problems, pain points, bugs

“Your video sessions have given our company insights into how to make our website more user-friendly. As a result, our website interactions have improved greatly. Your video has allowed us to get a better idea of how users are using our website’s features. We are currently reorganizing certain aspects of the website based on what we have learned from your video. Thank you for your insight!”

Kelly P.
Business Owner

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