EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers.

19 Google Analytics Alternatives

There are good sides and wrong sides to Google Alternatives, but why do you need an alternative for it. Here are the reasons:

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As common knowledge, website analytics is one of the best ways to keep up your boosting. We cannot deny it.

Moreover, there are many website analytics tools to help you for this sake; however, one of the most popular tools is Google Analytics.

And we have some bad news for you Google Analytics cannot be that good because there are some points to look at.

Again, you don’t have to worry that we have compiled what Google Analytics alternatives and their features are.

Do you want to look at them? Let’s go to check!

Why does Google Analytics Need Alternatives?

Popularity is not everything in controlling your website and your data. As a result, you may find some lack in determining Google Analytics' working.

There are good sides and wrong sides to Google Alternatives, but why do you need an alternative for it. Here are the reasons:

  • Though the update is mostly a good thing, Google Analytics is too famous for its perpetual changes, and you cannot adapt quickly if you don’t follow your rates.
  • Your data may be deleted or lost without any warning.
  • You might have unexpected data because GA provides bots and internal users to your website.
  • Depending on GA with your whole existence might disappoint you because it cannot get complete data if the user doesn’t allow tracking.
  • No matter how easy it can look, GA needs user guidance to accustom.
  • It lacks providing historical data.
  • GA sometimes gives errors to its users.
  • It requires having adaptation to mobile devices.
  • GA is not GDPR compliant, so some privacy issues need to be discussed, 

20 Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Not using Google Analytics is not the end of the world because there are 20 alternatives left to discover.

Enjoy reading and discovering them!

1) Adobe Analytics

adobe analytics as an google alternative

Being famous for its data management and insight adaptation, Adobe Analytics  is among the alternatives we present to you.

Adobe Analytics G2 Reviews


  • UI isn’t complicated
  • Tracks voice data
  • With one touch-drag and drop
  • Developed customization options
  • The opportunity for AI
  • Many integrations chances


  • Not easy to adapt at first
  • Pricing needs to be improved
  • The visualization can differ
  • Slow performance
  • Customer service

Pricing: Though free trial and version are not possible, Adobe offers three plans, including Select, Prime, and Ultimate. For more, you can contact them.

2) Crazy Egg

crazyegg analytics as a google analytics alternative

Crazy Egg  is another tool that we introduce because it has a unique feature, heat mapping. 

You can check where your users focus and act with a visualized format with the heat mapping.

Crazy Egg Capterra Reviews


  • Praised customer service
  • A/B Testing
  • Software is quite user-friendly
  • Conversion funnels are possible
  • Heat mapping 
  • Free webinars


  • Limited free version
  • Pricing plans can be improved
  • Incapable PageCamera feature
  • In-progress heat mapping
  • Complicated Compare Snapshots feature

Pricing: The 30-day free trial is possible, yet Crazy Egg only offers yearly plans called Basic, Standard, Plus, and Pro. 

3) Fair Analytics

fair analytics as a google analytics alternative

Fair Analytics is the opponent of Google Analytics in terms of privacy with its compliance with GDPR, DSGVO, and RGPD.


  • Chance of WordPress plugin
  • Live demo statistics
  • Interactions of your visitors
  • Collecting data incognito
  • No invasion of privacy
  • No cookie 
  • Cost-effective
  • Integrations are easy to apply 


  • Limited pricing plans 
  • Need of improving features
  • Need of refreshing
  • Addresses SMB
  • Features are not yet developed enough

Pricing: The 7-day free trial is available. Also, the free version has limited features. FA requires $1.99 for the Standard plan, having more qualities.

4) Fathom Analytics 

Fathom Analytics as a google analytics alternative

Fathom Analytics, which cares privacy a lot, is among our alternatives. With its presenting no cookie option, you can choose it without hesitation but be careful about the negative sides.

Fathom Analytics Reviews


  • Customer service is praised
  • GDPR compliance
  • Accurate data
  • Ad-blocker bypassing helps collect data easily
  • Anonymous data gathering


  • Not difficult to use
  • Altering the pricing plans can be good
  • Need of improving UI
  • Lack of advancement of the UX

Pricing: The 7-day free trial is available like Fair Analytics. Also, there are 3 plans offered, and the starting price is $14 per month so that you could have 100.000 pageviews. As for the yearly plans, you can have 2 months free if you prefer annual billing.

5) Foxmetrics

foxmetrics analytics as a google analytics alternative

Data analytics and Business Intelligence are provided by FoxMetrics , and it presents essential insights to support your profession.


  • Training is available as live and documented
  • Software personalization
  • Feature of tracking campaigns
  • UI is quite simple
  • Customization is easy
  • Dashboard reporting opportunity
  • API integrations


  • Slow customer service
  • Report generation should be easier 
  • Not cost-effective

Pricing: Core, Growth, and Enterprise are three plans of FoxMetrics. The Core starts with $0, but Growth needs $299 for developed features. Finally, Enterprise is the one you need to contact FoxMetrics to learn more about 

6) Gauges 

gauges website analytics as a google analytics alternative

Tracking customers’ actions on your website is simple to use with Gauges.

It has the most needed features, and it is highly convenient to use.


  • The live feature is possible
  • Not difficult to adapt
  • Sharing is useful
  • Real-time feature
  • Mobile updates are available
  • Wallet-friendly


  • Need of integrations
  • No implementation of WordPress
  • Customer service is not adequate
  • Need for recent features

Pricing: The free trial is available. The three plans called Solo, Small, and Large alter cost $6, $12, and $48. It can make you feel, “That’s so cheap!” after Foxmetrics. We agree with you :)

7) Heap 

heap website analytics as a google analytics alternatives

With its helpful customer support, Heap is effective in solving your complex problems and tracking with analysis. 

Heap Analytics Reviews


  • Various training chances
  • Funnels implementation is possible
  • Visualization tools are highly flexible
  • It provides auto-capture
  • A/B Testing is available


  • Minimal engineering is needed
  • Software is not easy
  • Not easy to learn
  • Customization and configuration reports are not enough
  • Time-wasting segments and events to do

Pricing: The free trial and the free version are available. Also, Free, Pro, Growth, and Premium are four plans available. The plans are rich in presentation, yet you can contact Heap for more.

8) Indicative

indicative website analytics as a google analytics alternative

By optimizing UX, connecting existing data, and knowing your customer, Indicative offers you customer journey analytics because it tries to observe all data you have and determine accordingly.


  • Quite robust 
  • Adjustability
  • Successful customer support
  • Filter building is possible
  • Drag and drop technique
  • Effective conversion graphs and dashboards
  • Multipath funnel to optimize friction points


  • Not cost-effective
  • Not a good UX
  • No training 
  • Complicated to adapt
  • To see ratings, you need to change them manually
  • Need of improving segmentation

Pricing: The free trial is available. Indicative gives three options Standard- free plan, Growth, and Enterprise starting with $249 per month. Also, Enterprise is with custom, so you need to contact Indicative Sales.

 9) Kaption (formerly known as Darwin Analytics) 

kaption analytics darwin analytics as a alternative for google analytics

You probably searched for Darwin Analytics, but it is the previously known name of Kaption.

With its control on conversion rates, you can observe your trafficking with Kaption. Also, tracking interactions is a good choice that an analytics product should have.


  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA
  • A/B Testing
  • Live heat mapping
  • Abundant integrations
  • Detects errors and prevents slowing down
  • Alerting for shortcomings
  • Chance of having feedback
  • Data-Driven Insights are crucial


  • Insights should be developed
  • UI and UX can be improved more
  • Need of integrating with CRM tools
  • Not wallet-friendly
  • Lack of data import and upload

Pricing: The free trial and the free version are available. You can pay $79 for 10.000 sessions per month.

10) Kissmetrics

kissmetrics website analytics for google analytics alternative

Kissmetrics firstly gives you the promise to increase your rates in conversion, retention, and engagement by providing the details of how a customer journey should be. 

It is a vital tool that should be on the list because since Kissmetrics knows what it’s doing, it presents a comparison list with Google Analytics.

Unlike Google Analytics, Kissmetrics tries to do the magic with humans, and it addresses both SaaS and E-commerce.

Kissmetrics G2 Reviews


  • Personalized reports- Providing f real actions, unlike GA
  • A/B Testing 
  • Remarkable customer support
  • Useful dashboard
  • Easy to have data by just logging 
  • Drop-off showing 


  • Lack of integration or integration problems
  • Difficult to install
  • Dashboard doesn’t allow all filters
  • Not easy to adapt
  • Setting up takes time

Pricing: They have pricing plans for SaaS and E-Commerce. The three plans are available for both industries as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, starting with $299 per month when billed, and Platinum gives customization for you.

11) Matomo 

matomo analytics as a google analytics alternative

With its various language options, Matomo presents a privacy-friendly atmosphere. 

Matomo is formerly known as Piwik, and it is pretty valuable for collecting data with pros.

Matomo G2 Reviews


  • API is useful
  • Setting up is relatively easy
  • Data privacy is highly concern and given importance
  • No invasion of privacy- self-hosting
  • Open-source tool
  • Dashboard is robust 


  • Google platforms are not integrated
  • Not cost-effective
  • Graphs and charts are not intuitive
  • Tracked events are removed
  • The mobile application is not fast
  • The command line should be used 

Pricing: Matomo firstly offers a self-hosted pricing plan- On-Premise. The second plan is Cloud Business costing $19, and the third plan is Cloud Enterprise which requires contacting Matomo. 

12) Mixpanel  

mixpanel website analytics as a google analytics alternative

Engaging, converting, and retaining are three aspects of Mixpanel

It is quite effective in displaying powerful reports, and also, Mixpanel’s website is helpful because it learns what you need by asking questions.

Mixpanel G2 Reviews


  • Data can be provided simultaneously
  • Seamless event analysis
  • Favorable customer service
  • Various training options
  • Funnel segmentation analysis
  • Easy to use when one adapts


  • Missing data 
  • Problem in mobile-friendliness
  • Customer segmentation needs to be improved
  • Email tracking needs to be improved
  • Dashboard is restricted

Pricing: Free, Growth, and Enterprise are three plans of Mixpanel. Growth costs $25, and for the Enterprise, you need to contact Mixpanel Sales.

13) Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics as a google analytics alternative

As a fast page tool, Plausible Analytics creates an essential difference. Zero invasion of privacy can allow you to monitor your traffic.


  • Simple integration
  • The dashboard is clean and practical
  • GDPR, CCPA, and ECPR compliant
  • Open-source tool
  • Cookie-free


  • Documentation support only
  • No language other than English
  • Removing IP from the results isn’t anticipated
  • Launched openly on GitHub

Pricing: There is a free trial. Also, pricing is flexible because the price determination is based on your expectations. For example, let’s say you want 10.000 pageviews, so you need to pay $9.

14) Simple Analytics 

Simple Analytics for google analytics alternative

From its name, we can confirm that Simple Analytics is highly straightforward to use and adapt. 

On the Google Analytics alternatives list, most importantly, it is privacy-friendly. 


  • The learning curve isn’t associated
  • Integration is easy
  • Cares about privacy 
  • Engagement tracking is done closely


  • Pricing needs to be reconsidered
  • Undeveloped analytics
  • Results can be delayed often

Pricing: Starter, Business, and Enterprise are the three plans of Similar Analytics. Firstly, the Starter plan is $19 per month, and the Business plan is $59. For the final plan, the Enterprise, you can talk to the Simple Analytics team about the pricing.

15) Splitbee

splitbee website analytics as a google analytics alternative

Splitbee is a new and in-progress digital analytics tool that promises to increase conversion rates with its features, like automated emails, using webhooks, and notifications.


  • Incredibly easy UI
  • Automation with email and Telegram
  • A/B Testing
  • Saving data to Notion
  • Chance of providing a funnel
  • Useful integrating system
  • Customer support is remarkable


  • Server problem
  • Low website design
  • Only primary data is presented
  • Too high pricing
  • Drill-down capability needs improvement

Pricing: There are two plans: Free and Pro. The free plan is for small businesses, and the Pro starts with $14 for 25.000 events per month and increases based on the highness of your expectations. Also, yearly plans are more cost-effective, and we recommend you consider them if you choose Splitbee over GA.

16) Statcounter 

statcounter website analytics as a alternative for google analytics

Statcounter shows the users’ actions on your website by recording them, and you can watch them. 

Also, Statcounter’s quick insights are helpful to increase your sales.


  • Retentions get feedback
  • Dashboard is useful
  • Clear statistics
  • Easy arrangement of the analytics
  • Reports are meticulous
  • Real-time feeds


  • Renewal of the UI
  • Pricing should be reconsidered
  • The problem in parsing the data

Pricing: There is a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Only two pricing plans are available, called Basic and Premium. Basic is free, and the Premium plan is $16 per month.

17) TinyAnalytics

Tinyanalytics as an alternative for google analytics

London-based TinyAnalytics is another Google Analytics alternative by putting privacy forward and visualizing the users’ behaviors.


  • GDPR, DPA, and PECR compliant
  • Calculating your visitors’ number per day
  • Lists the ones who send you visitors
  • Creates a useful dashboard
  • Cookie-free
  • No third-party included- no invasion of privacy


  • Limited information
  • Improvement on the interface is needed
  • Only English is supported

Pricing: There are 3 plans available: Free, Basic, and Advanced. 

The free plan is forever free. The second plan, the Basic, costs $29, and finally, the Advanced plan is $49 per month, tax included.

18) Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) 

vwo website analytics as an alternative for google analytics

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) enables you to convert your rates and analysis with distinct tests. 


  • UI is intuitive
  • Various training tools
  • Google integrations are available
  • Regular check-ins
  • Comprehensible tool
  • Support in both chat and phone
  • A lot of test options


  • Unhelpful customer support
  • Funnel trackings need to be refreshed
  • Inadequate integration
  • If the insights are developed a lot, the price increases
  • Storing data kept extended period may need to be checked

Pricing: VWO needs you to contact them to know the price of the plans, which are Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

19) Woopra

woopra website analytics for a google analytics alternative

Woopra is a software tool that unifies, analyzes, and engages. 

With its simple UI, Woopra gives opportunities like automating reports, tracking actions, and mapping out the users. 


  • User interactions can be checked 
  • Support is quite helpful
  • Data analytics can be real-time
  • Integrations are variable
  • Funnels can be customized 


  • Not easy to adapt
  • Mobile applications should be improved
  • Bug problem- rarely
  • Counterintuitive dashboard
  • Time-spending setting up

Pricing: Woopra has 4 plans: Core, Startup, Pro, and Enterprise. Startup and Pro promote 14-day free trials with the plans, yet for the Enterprise, you must contact Woopra.

FAQ related to Google Analytics Alternatives

Why Do People Choose Google Analytics?

The first answer is pretty simple because Google Analytics has been so popular. 

Since it is a tool of Google itself, Google Analytics is considered practical and preferable.

Also, there are some other reasons why Google Analytics is preferred:

  • It offers A/B Testing 
  • If you use other Google tools, it is effortless to use GA with them
  • It filters your visitors’ information
  • Its customizing report designer is effective
  • It saves time because it does what you should do while collecting data.
  • With all ads and promotions, it is the most available tool.

What are the Deficiencies of Google Analytics?

We have covered why we need some alternatives for Google Analytics, but if you need to take a quick look at the points, we can order them for you.

  • Perpetual immediate changes
  • Deleted or lost data
  • Unexpected data
  • Inadequate data
  • Lacking historical data
  • Erroneous
  • Need for UG
  • Lack of the mobile usability
  • Lack of GDPT compliance

The Best of the Best

Among 20 alternatives, the best depends on your wishes, like pricing, privacy, or ease of use. However our product Tinyanalytics is perfect for everyone. You need to explore it.

Best Pricing 

Plausible Analytics can be considered because it has a flexible payment method. 

Moreover, Fair Analytics has budget-friendly prices, which are worth seeing how the tool is working and using in your business.

Most Private

Fair Analytics is compliant with GDPR, DSGVO, and RGPD. Also, TinyAnalytics has compliance with GDPR, DPA, and PECR. 

The other tool than these two tools can be privacy-friendly as well; however, it is significant that they should have complied with regulations. 

The Easiest

Gauges has everything you need and nothing you don’t want. All the aspects of Gauges is enough for its being the easiest: however it will, inevitably, be a better tool if it enhances their customer relations.

Wrap Up

Wrapping up the whole article, you need support to increase the statistics of your website and develop your marketing skills.

Google Analytics can also be your guide, yet there are more options to apply and have more conversion with their quite exclusive aspects. 

We have covered the 20 Best Google Analytics Alternatives in this article. We hope you can find the tool that fits best for your needs and expectations with the details we have collected for you.

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