EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers.

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From 300+ Customer Reviews
TinyAnalytics was a lifesaver for me, their team of friendly and very accessible developers is always around to answer any of my questions and guide me in the right direction to get the most out of their tool. Their latest feature, which shows how far a website visitor has scrolled down the page, is incredibly helpful in pinpointing problem areas on my websites that need further optimization. TinyAnalytics has been instrumental in helping me grow my business!
Isaac Arnold
Head of Customer Service,
I am very pleased with the detail and accuracy of the information I receive on a regular basis through It is more accurate than Google Analytics, and I can get immediate feedback on the impact of my Google Ad campaigns. As an animal exporter, I must be focused on the results of my marketing efforts. I can now tell immediately whether or not these efforts are successful, and I can easily adjust and modify them as necessary.
Owen Evans
VP of Marketing,
The free version of this product suits my basic requirements for a personal website. Although a few visitors are displayed in the "latest visitors" section, I can get an idea of which pages people have been viewing by looking at the recent visitors listed there. (The paid version shows precise details of each visit, but you need to pay to use it.) The interface is user-friendly and it's great that the free version does everything I want it to do.
Katie Chan
Lead Designer,
We have been working with TinyAnalytics for some time now, and we have truly enjoyed the experience. Our goals align, and this is an excellent fit for us. TinyAnalytics has taught us so much. Not only do they have one of the best customer service departments I've ever worked with, but they are also able to provide accurate analytics that help us run our business more successfully. They're doing a fantastic job and we love having them in our corner!
Molly Carroll
Director of Sales,
Your video sessions have given our company insights into how to make our website more user-friendly. As a result, our website interactions have improved greatly. Your video has allowed us to get a better idea of how users are using our website’s features. We are currently reorganizing certain aspects of the website based on what we have learned from your video. Thank you for your insight!
Harry Barker
Guru E-Learning
My favorite part of TinyAnalytics is the main page because it's so well-organized that it doesn't make me feel like I'm lost. It's modern, but not too modern. And I love being able to see my top referrers without having to click around. It really helps me get a sense of which ads are performing well and which ones aren't! I also love being able to see where returning visitors are coming from. Once someone has reached out to me, I can see the pages they've visited and have a better idea of how educated they currently are on the services we offer.
Bailey Jenkins
Marketing Lead,
Visitor analytics is a vital tool for keeping our management team aware of the people who visit our website. It allows us to see which country and region our visitors are from, how many people visited our website each day and each month, and approximately how many people visit our website on a weekly basis. It gives us the ability to create safe pages on our site by banning specific IP addresses of computers that have tried to hack into our site or send us spam emails.
Emily Knight
Head of User Experience,
Over the last two years, TinyAnalytics has been a great solution for me because I haven't experienced very many downtimes, and I've been able to monitor my website's activity by viewing user metrics and dimensions. Visitor Analytics has helped my business gain valuable insights about the different elements on my website, like what works and what doesn't.
Alfie Weston
Head of Engineering,
TinyAnalytics is a simple, user-friendly tool to help brands understand their customers better. It may not be suitable for more advanced users, but sometimes easy to understand tools outshine more complicated ones.
Amber Savage
“Revived our business.”
“Visual perfection!”
“Templates don’t come better.”

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