Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics

Simple and privacy-friendly, ‍website analytics.
Simple Analytics

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Simple, good-looking & friendly dashboard.

At TinyAnalytics, we like to keep things simple. Not in functionality but in our interface. In one overview you see exactly how your website is performing.

Simple 5-min installation process
Easy to understand & good-looking dashboard.
Filter & segment audience
We show you the essentials: Page-Level, Geo-Location, Device, OS, Browser, UTM and Referrers

We aim to be the friendliest analytics and tracking tool for websites with a "Privacy by design" approach. By following five basic principles we always ensure that your website privacy is respected:

1 - No tracking by default (opt-in)

2 - Use small amounts of personal data (e.g. IP address, information about location you are from)

3 - Provide possibility to delete all stored data

4 - Enable anonymous usage reporting

5 - Keep all data anonymous and secure

We have been working with TinyAnalytics for some time now, and we have truly enjoyed the experience. Our goals align, and this is an excellent fit for us. TinyAnalytics has taught us so much. Not only do they have one of the best customer service departments I've ever worked with, but they are also able to provide accurate analytics that help us run our business more successfully. They're doing a fantastic job and we love having them in our corner!

Kelly P.
Analytics Expert

Plenty of ways to advertise your product metrics.

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Revenue generated by our community of partners.
Active users since the launch of our platform.
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